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Introduction to Mobile Content Locking

Mobile Content Locking Overview is a resource providing mobile content locking guides, tutorials, references, and examples for anyone who is interested in generating revenue from mobile traffic. Whether you’re targeting web or app users, our helpful guides, articles and tutorials will provide you with the knowledge you need to the right decisions. No mobile content monetization source would be complete without discussing tools, terminology and strategies geared towards improving your ability to generate revenue from your mobile traffic. At, we’ll examine emerging tools, terms and technologies which include, but are not limited to, the following:

Mobile CPI Ads

Mobile CPI ads are otherwise known as “cost per installation” ads. In order to generate revenue, these ads require that users install an mobile application. Mobile CPI ads require OS targeting so that the appropriate apps are being displayed to visitors based on the operating system that their mobile device uses such as iOS or Android.
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The Mobile Content Locker

This mobile monetization tool can be integrated with mobile sites, pages or platforms. The Mobile Content Locker leverages mobile CPI ads (cost per installation) in conjunction with an incentive business model (users are provided with an incentive to install apps) to generate revenue.
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The Mobile Offer Wall

Similar to the mobile content locker, except visitors are given in-app virtual currency in exchange for installing mobile apps. The amount of virtual currency the app user will be rewarded per install depends on how much each app install pays the app owner. Mobile offer walls can be found on iOS and Android apps, as well as mobile web sites and is a great way to incentivize your users and visitors to interact with your mobile app install ads. In other cases, a mobile offer wall may be used without the incentive of virtual currency and may simply display app installs available to your app or mobile web user.
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Advanced Targeting

Advanced targeting, as it pertains to mobile traffic, refers to the specific identification (process) of mobile devices, their respective platform and operating system. As the mobile industry continues to rapidly expand, it has become a necessity to utilize a platform with advanced targeting capabilities. Failure to properly target your mobile audience could lead displaying an advertisement or app that is not compatible with their system or simply not displaying a mobile CPI ad at all. When this happens, all potential revenue from a traffic source is forfeited.

Generating Traffic

If you can’t generate mobile traffic then you can’t generate mobile revenue. We’ll look at some of the different methods that are being used to generate traffic in the world of mobile. From SEO to fan pages, app distribution and more.

Conversion Tactics

If generating traffic is point A then a conversion would be point B on the road to revenue. Depending on the method you use to generate traffic, you’ll need to utilize a specific conversion tactic. We’ll lay out your best options then walk you through each process.

At, we intend to cover these topics and many more using guides, references, tutorials, and examples. Be sure to bookmark our page and visit back frequently as we dig into the topics that matter in the world of mobile content monetization.